Public welfare undertakings

Charity activities to help the crisis

Hugo, a famous writer, said, "the widest part of the world is the ocean, the sky is broader than the ocean, and the human heart is broader than the sky". From no blood donation to earthquake relief donations, from love books to charity donations... Every step of the growth of Hangxiao steel structure does not forget to give back to the society. Set up scholarships and scholarships in Zhejiang University and Xi'an University of architecture and technology; It has donated steel structure earthquake resistant teaching buildings such as Yunnan Ning'er Tongxin hope primary school, menghaitian hope primary school, Sichuan Guangyuan middle school and Shahe primary school; Donate to Xinjie branch of Xiaoshan Charity Association and Xinjie middle school; The construction of dormitory buildings to improve the living environment of employees, etc., and the accumulated charitable donations exceeded 70million yuan.

Donate to build schools, social welfare

Hangxiao steel structure established an epidemic prevention volunteer service team to actively participate in the voluntary service of epidemic prevention and control

Hangxiao steel structure helped Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital reconstruction, Qingdao public health emergency standby hospital, Beijing Kexing Zhongwei vaccine plant and other projects to build a "Great Wall of steel" for epidemic prevention and control

Taking the small police Summer Camp jointly held by Xiaoshan branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau and Hangxiao steel structure as the platform, Hangxiao steel structure organized the children of employees to participate in the summer camp activities, including patriotic education, housekeeping, police skills training, visits to Hangxiao steel structure, fire brigade, legal education, daily safety prevention lectures, etc., so as to guide teenagers to establish a correct outlook on life and values in the fun of teaching

Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. was elected as one of the top ten outstanding contributors to Zhejiang's new urbanization during the 12th Five Year Plan

Hangxiao steel structure education fund was officially established. In the form of targeted donation, 600000 yuan will be donated every year, mainly for teaching assistants, teaching and learning awards in Xinjie street, as well as educational innovation projects that have made outstanding contributions to Xinjie education

Shan yinmu, chairman of Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd., was successfully selected into the top ten "cixiao Zhejiang Merchants"

Xia Baolong, Secretary of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, met with individual and collective representatives of "Zhejiang Xiaoxian" in Hangzhou. Hangxiao steel structure, as the enterprise winner of the collective award, also attended the meeting

Due to its outstanding contributions to promoting filial piety culture, Hangxiao steel structure won the Zhejiang filial piety • collective award in the form of enterprise units, becoming the only award-winning enterprise in this session

Hangxiao steel structure participated in the "helping spring breeze action", expressed condolences to Linpu Town, Xiaoshan District, and provided 100000 yuan per year support to Xingang village, Linpu town for four consecutive years

Hang Xiao steel structure donated 200000 yuan to the civil architecture planning education fund of Zhejiang University Education Foundation

Hangxiao steel structure continued to donate books of 150000 yuan and nearly 2000 yuan to Shahe Town Primary School in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province

Zhang Haiyang, deputy director of the customs Working Committee of Zhejiang Province, and his delegation visited the company to guide the "holiday school" of Hangxiao steel structure

Shan yinmu, chairman of Hangxiao steel structure, donated 5million yuan to Xinjie charity branch in his own name

Hangxiao steel structure won the award of "national excellent enterprise in engineering construction quality management"

Hangxiao steel structure self built 22 storey steel structure residence (staff dormitory building) has been put into use

The Sichuan Hangxiao Guangyuan middle school donated by Hangxiao steel structure after the Wenchuan earthquake was completed

The Sichuan Hangxiao Shahe primary school jointly donated by Hangxiao steel structure and the trade union of Hangzhou Electric Power Bureau after the Wenchuan earthquake was completed

In response to the Wenchuan earthquake, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development organized experts to identify the seismic, thermal insulation, recycling and other properties of Hangxiao steel structure "steel structure housing system".

Hangxiao menghaitian hope primary school in Menghai County, Yunnan Province, donated by Hangxiao steel structure, was completed

Hang Xiao Tongxin hope primary school in Ning'er Hani and Yi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province, the country's first earthquake resistant teaching building donated by Hang Xiao steel structure, was completed



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