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Why Hangxiao steel structure
  • Integration experts and pioneers of industrialized green buildings
    Promoters and pioneers of steel structure housing industrialization

    For 38 years, we have focused on steel structure, led the great development of the industry, strengthened our faith because of our dreams, and created value with our mission

    For more than 20 years, we have developed housing, promoted housing industrialization, won trust with strength, and driven the future with responsibility

  • Strategic talent training system

    Sail plan

    Sailing plan

    Pilot program

    Pilot plan

  • Career promotion channel

    Technical channel: Engineer -- chief engineer -- chief engineer / Deputy Chief Engineer -- General Manager of subsidiary company

    Marketing Channel: Project Representative -- General Manager of regional business division -- General Manager / deputy general manager of the company

    Project Channel: Construction Management - Project Manager - Project Director

    Management channel: Commissioner -- Supervisor -- manager -- General Manager of the center -- General Manager / deputy general manager of the company

Hangxiao steel structure time
  • Working in Hangxiao steel structure

    There are more than 6000 employees, and excellent employees are valuable resources of the company.

    We are committed to doing things well, practically, thoroughly, and everything is goal oriented

    Growing up in Hangxiao steel structure

    Grow rapidly in embracing changes, break the cocoon and become a butterfly, rush to the vast world, grow together with Hangxiao steel structure, and explore your possibilities!

  • Living in Hangxiao steel structure

    Simple and colorful cultural life. You can join the company's annual meeting, Mid Autumn Festival party, birthday party, sports meeting, basketball match, football club, Christmas activities, group construction activities, parents' filial piety tourism, children's summer camp, etc

Wonderful moments
  • Filial piety cultural activity -- travel of employees' parents

  • Parents of employees with more than 10 years of age come to Hangzhou for tourism activities

  • Welcome party in 2020

  • Employee health assistance plan

  • Embrace peace and bless Hangxiao

  • Staff basketball match

  • Staff basketball match

  • Sports meeting / Mid Autumn Festival Party

Recruitment position

Production management
▪ Place of work:Wuhu City, Anhui Province
▪ Release time:2022-05-16
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Flaw detection inspector (Lu'an)
▪ Place of work:Lu'an City, Anhui Province
▪ Release time:2022-05-16
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HVAC Designer
▪ Place of work:Hangzhou, Zhejiang
▪ Release time:2022-05-16
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List preparer
▪ Place of work:Wuhu City, Anhui Province
▪ Release time:2022-03-10
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