Jiangxi Hangxiao Has Passed the Certification of American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) for Three Consecutive Years



On January 5, 2018, Hangxiao Steel Structure (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. obtained "AISC" certification certificate issued by American Institute of Steel Construction. As the first steel structure enterprise to pass AISC certification in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Hangxiao has passed AISC certification for three consecutive years, which not only proves the strength of Jiangxi Hangxiao in the steel structure field, but also provides a powerful pass for the company to further develop the international market. 


American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and AISC certification 


American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) is a non-profit technical association and trade organization headquartered in Chicago. It was first established in 1921 to provide services for the application of steel structures in architecture and other fields. 


AISC certification is also the entry certification of steel structure building into the American market, and is recognized as a standard in American countries. Its purpose is to become the preferred organization for steel structure related fields such as specification and coding, R & D, technical support and quality certification. 



Audit process 


 Mr.Robert, the auditing expert of AISC conducted American standard audit on Jiangxi Hangxiao for three days in November 2017, and conducted the system examination on the company's team work, service awareness, product design, production, installation, equipment management, etc.  In the audit process, the departments actively cooperated to improve according to the expert requirements. Finally, it was affirmed by AISC. 



Jiangxi Hangxiao passing AISC standard certification is the highest recognition of the continuous improvement of the company's management system. The continuous acquisition of AISC certification certificate will encourage Jiangxi Hangxiao to continue to build a first-class steel structure manufacturing enterprise with high standards and high quality requirements. 




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