Yellow River National Museum



The project is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, with a total construction area of 102050 square meters, including 72050 square meters of above ground construction area and 30000 square meters of underground construction area. It mainly constructs exhibition area, education and service area, collection reservoir area, collection technology area, business and research room, etc. The integration of architectural modeling and the overall environment of the Yellow River Cultural Park also echoes the spiritual symbol of the Yellow River "great bend and indomitable". The green roof design extends the natural scenery of the National Park to the roof platform, where visitors enjoy an extraordinary view, looking at the magnificent Yellow River to the north and the beautiful Zhengzhou city skyline to the south. In sharp contrast, the stable and solid facade design is like a retaining wall that can withstand the invasion of turbulent torrents.

The structural system of the project is a connected structure composed of reinforced concrete frame shear wall (built-in steel plate) structures in the South and North districts and steel structure connectors in the middle district. Some large column spans adopt steel beams and steel trusses, and the corresponding frame columns adopt rectangular concrete-filled steel tubular columns and steel reinforced concrete columns. The maximum span of the truss in the central area is 66m, the truss height is more than 20 meters, the material is q460gjc, and the thickest steel plate is 80mm thick.

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