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Hangxiao steel structure (Stock Code: 600477), since its establishment in 1985, has continuously promoted the development of steel structure buildings in China. Hang Xiao steel structure edited and participated in the compilation of more than 90 national industry related standards and specifications, and has successively obtained more than 600 national patent achievements, creating a new situation in the development of the steel structure industry: building a domestic representative steel structure housing group, opening the industry strategic cooperation mode, winning the first-class qualification of general contracting of industrial engineering construction, the national housing industrialization base of steel structure The national prefabricated construction industry base... Has established hang Xiao's prominent position in the field of domestic industrial green buildings. At the same time, Hangxiao steel structure has established close cooperative relations with many famous universities and research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Tianjin University, Xi'an University of architecture and technology, and has post doctoral scientific research workstations and provincial academician workstations.

Hangxiao steel structure specialty designs, manufactures, constructs (installs) light steel structures, bridge steel structures, long-span spatial steel structures, multi-storey and high-rise steel structures, super high-rise steel structures, steel structure residences and green building materials. Products are sold all over the world, and thousands of model projects have covered more than 40 industries, covering more than 70 countries or regions around the world. It has won more than 600 industry awards such as Luban Award, Zhan Tianyou award, China steel structure Gold Award, etc.

Hangxiao steel structure has more than 20 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries and more than 100 joint-stock companies, and has formed a new "five in one" green building integration mode of "design and development + production and manufacturing + project construction general contracting + green building materials + Construction Industry Internet platform". Hang Xiao steel structure seized the opportunity of the integrated development of digitalization, networking and intelligence, cultivated the new driving force of the group's development with informatization and intelligence as the fulcrum, and established a joint laboratory of green building industrial Internet in cooperation with the higher Research Institute of information technology of Peking University to create a "green future factory" driven by data. As the first batch of "future factory" cultivation enterprises in Hangzhou in 2021, Hangxiao steel structure promotes the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and steel structure fabricated building entity industry.

Hangxiao steel structure always takes "becoming a world-class green building integration service provider" as its vision, and takes "making the company develop continuously, creating greater value for customers, providing a development platform for employees, providing long-term returns for shareholders, and assuming more responsibilities for the society" as its mission to continuously promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.













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