Hangxiao steel structure has various production lines, such as intelligent H-section steel production line, ordinary H-section steel production line, box column production line, circular pipe truss production line, steel pipe bundle production line, enclosure production line, reinforcement truss formwork production line, purlin production line and 360 ° bite plate production line. The main equipment is imported from abroad. Strong production capacity can fully meet the high-quality processing requirements of different customers.

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    Heavy steel production line

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    Light steel production line

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    Other production lines

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    million tons

    Annual processing capacity of steel structure

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    Annual production capacity of steel truss floor bearing plate

Intelligent H-beam production line

Hangxiao steel structure intelligent H-beam production line is independently innovated and developed by Hangxiao steel structure, and has independent intellectual property rights. The production line can complete a series of processes such as straight bar segmentation, transmission, assembly, welding, turnover, correction, punching and locking, and realize the whole process of production industrialization, operation mechanization and management informatization. In particular, shot blasting, painting and drying in the post process are original logistics processes, realizing the integration of intelligent design information.

Ordinary H-beam production line

The H-beam manufacturing equipment of Hangxiao steel structure includes cutting machine adopting Fage numerical control system and advanced FastCAM nesting software, submerged arc welding machine equipped with Lincoln power supply, full-automatic assembly machine, hydraulic straightening machine and shot blasting machine with 8 throwing heads, etc.

Main processing equipment of box column

Hangxiao steel structure has accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing and construction of light steel projects for many years. On this basis, the company has carried out the research and development of multi-storey and high-rise steel structures and undertaken a number of multi-storey and high-rise projects. The company has introduced key equipment such as double arc double wire gantry welding machine equipped with Lincoln power supply of the United States and electroslag welding machine of Nippon Steel.

Steel pipe bundle production line

The steel tube bundle production line is mainly composed of forming production line, assembly welding production line, assembly welding production line and other production lines. The forming production line includes leveling, punching, rolling forming, fixed length cutting and other functions; The assembly and welding production line has the function of correction and deviation correction. After placing the U-shaped steel according to the processing task drawing, the production line can automatically complete the assembly and welding process of steel pipe bundles; The assembly and welding production line is to assemble the assembled and welded steel tube bundle flat parts into typical L-shaped and ⊥ shaped special-shaped parts. The whole process adopts servo control, with high assembly and positioning accuracy and efficiency. The gun head has the function of automatically tracking the weld, and the quality of welding products is reliable.

CTD board production line

The bottom formwork free reinforced truss floor support plate (CTD plate) is a new generation of reinforced truss floor support plate system developed by handebang building materials in response to the national construction industrialization development policy and to improve the prefabrication and assembly rate of building components. It is widely used in various concrete residences, steel structure residences, loft mezzanine, public buildings and other projects with assembly rate requirements. The steel bar is processed into a steel bar truss in the factory, and the steel bar truss and the fine aggregate concrete bottom formwork are prefabricated as a whole. It is a new prefabricated prefabricated bottom formwork free steel bar truss floor bearing plate. The floor bearing plate bears the load during the construction of wet concrete. After the floor is formed, the concrete bottom formwork will not be removed as the protective layer under the floor.

Steel truss production line

The steel bar truss formwork is a three-dimensional plate that processes the steel bars in the floor slab into steel bar trusses in the factory and welds the steel bar trusses and galvanized profiled steel plates into one. The formwork system and reinforcement are organically combined. Through the design of construction stage and use stage, it can bear the dead weight of wet concrete and construction live load in the construction stage.

Enclosure production line

Hangxiao steel structure is equipped with an enclosure production line with complete plate types and the introduction of the world's leading purlin machine to realize the full automation of the production process and the synchronous completion of high-precision punching and forming. At the same time, it also introduced a 360 degree bite board production line.

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